Why Confession is Always Worth It

The medicine cannot heal what it does not know.
~ St. Jerome

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Glorious Exposure: Of Moses’ Horns, St. Jerome, and the Last Judgment


All those who love must be known sooner or later as they are, without pretense, their souls stripped bare.
 ~ Caryll Houselander

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Monikers Matter: St. Pacian of Barcelona

Christian is my name, but Catholic my surname.
~ St. Pacian

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Stealing the Show: Of Esther, VeggieTales, and Spotting the Divine


And so what we have learned applies to our lives today
And God has a lot to say in His book
~ Veggie Tales, “What We Have Learned

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The Pig Van: A Manifesto for Sinners


Why are you such a timid Christian?
~ St. Jerome

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