St. Sebastian – Pray for Us!

Every Christian is called to become a strong athlete of Christ, that is, a faithful and courageous witness to his Gospel.
 ~ Pope St. John Paul II

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The Luminous Mysteries: John Paul II’s Mini-Catechesis on Ecumenism

If properly revitalized, the Rosary is an aid
and certainly not a hindrance to ecumenism!
~ Pope St. John Paul II

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Custody of the Holy Land


Alongside the history of salvation there exists a geography of salvation.
~ Pope Paul VI

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What Goes Around Comes Around: The Brigadoon Feast of St. Oswald

Death of OswaldLR

The saint, to nourish in his heart the sentiments of humility and charity, had everywhere twelve poor persons at his table, whom he served, and also washed and kissed their feet.
~ Rev. Alban Butler

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Of Sunday Obligation, Harry Stovall, and Catholic Spleen

And I said, ‘Well, that’s the one thing we’ve got.’
~ Deep Blue Something

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