Nailed: The Outrage and Consolation of a Helpless God

If Christ was not of the very substance of omnipotence,
if becomes relatively pointless to point to the paradox of his impotence.
~ G.K. Chesterton

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The Martyrs of Damascus (1860)


I am a Christian and will die a Christian.
~ Bl. Emmanuel Ruiz

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A Birthday Odyssey: Of ‘Arrival’, Pain Control, and Redemptive Suffering


The sacramental liturgy continues in our very person.
~ David Fagerberg

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Of Bernie, Belloc, and “A Bargain for Frances”


Regulating the economy solely by centralized planning perverts the basis of social bonds; regulating it solely by the law of the marketplace fails social justice, for ‘there are many human needs which cannot be satisfied by the market’ (CCC 2425).

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Marriage as Rebellion: Blessed Peter To Rot

peter to rot

Because the Spirit of God dwelt in him, he fearlessly proclaimed the truth about the sanctity of marriage. He refused to take the ‘easy way’ of moral compromise.
~ Pope St. John Paul II

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St. Bruno, Bravado, and Baby Names: A Father’s Guide


No, my dear daughter; I desire that your Cross and mine may be solely the Cross of Christ; and as to its kind, or the way it is laid upon us, God know what He does, and why: it is all for our good.
~ St. Francis de Sales

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Of Habits and Hassles: The Sign Value of Chaotic Family Life


The Church must always seek to make her presence visible in everyday life, which is often very secularized and yet sensitive to the language of signs.
~ Pope St. John Paul II

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Humanae Vitae and the Sensus Fidelium


Once the human being declares independence from reality and behaves with absolute dominion, the very foundations of our life begin to crumble.
~ Pope Francis, Laudato Si’

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Of Saints, Suffering, and Scleroderma


Holy Walburga, you dwell in the glory of heaven, gazing upon the face of the Triune God in the company of all the saints.

Beg God to grant healing, consolation and strength to me and to all those for whom I pray.

Implore Him to let me recognize His love and know His presence, whatever He may have in store for me.

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St. Crispin’s Day for Catechists


Through this wordless witness these Christians stir up irresistible questions in the hearts of those who see how they live: Why are they like this? Why do they live in this way? What or who is it that inspires them? Why are they in our midst?
~ Pope Paul VI

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