Of Borrowed Time and the Other Cruelest Month

Until that day dawn – and it may not dawn at all while I am in this mortal flesh – I shall go on hoping. Hope deferred is good enough for me.
~ Dom Hubert van Zeller

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Jonesing for a Belly Laugh: Of Rimshots, Resets, and Wodehouse – Again

What the people need is a way to make ’em smile.
~ The Doobie Brothers

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Death Prep (Part 2): What We Must Do, What We Ought to Do

I will then prepare myself for that hour,
and I will take all possible care to end this journey happily.
~ St. Frances de Sales

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St. Bruno, Bravado, and Baby Names: A Father’s Guide


No, my dear daughter; I desire that your Cross and mine may be solely the Cross of Christ; and as to its kind, or the way it is laid upon us, God know what He does, and why: it is all for our good.
~ St. Francis de Sales

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