A Plethora of Percys: On Fidelity to Christ and Ecclesial Coherence

I like the idea of being a descendant of the Northumberland Percys because they were recusants and a couple of them lost their heads as martyrs.
~ Walker Percy

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What God Can Do with Our Measly Loaves and Fishes: King St. Olaf (d. 1030)

A man’s faith is put to the test on the day God’s will is not his.
~ Sigrid Undset

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The Communion Fast: An Essential Element of Eucharistic Rapport

Frequent Communion is not magic.
~ Dom Hubert van Zeller

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Our Universal Recipient: The Divine Blood Type

He has declared the cup, a part of creation, to be His own Blood, from which He causes our blood to flow.
~ St. Irenaeus

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Of Good Fences, Closed Communion, and Reunification

Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.
~ Robert Frost

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Daily Mass


Attendance is sparse again today.

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Erring on the Side of Eucharistic Excess

more communion

The soul cannot expect to be anything but lukewarm
without the grace of frequent Holy Communion.
~ Dom Hubert Van Zeller, OSB

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The Romance of Closed Communion

God-Haunted Lunatic


All who are not receiving Holy Communion are encouraged to express in their hearts a prayerful desire for unity with the Lord Jesus and with one another (NCCB).

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Go Ahead and Ask!

ca.-1575-oil-on-canvas-142.3-x-208.3-cm-56-x-82-in-collection-of-The-Nelson-Atkins-Museum-of-Art-Kansas-City-Mo.-William-rockhill-Nelson-Trust-31-73-web-515x352“Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul will be healed.”
~ Roman Missal, response to the invitation to communion (cf. Mt 8:8)

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