The Witness of Chains: Of Apostolicity and Confinement


Who has God in his soul has it all.
~ Blessed Oleksa Zarytsky

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Convert Companions: Of Merton and Waugh, Me and You


Your monastery tailor and boot-maker could not waste material.
Words are our materials.
~ Evelyn Waugh

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The Once and Future Franciscan


Francis and I go way back, but I’m just now getting to know him.

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3 Short Books for the College-bound Teen


We were always encouraged to read,
and had all the masters that were necessary.
~ Elizabeth Bennet

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Of the Advent Swell and the Pregnant Pause

“The discovery of God present in the soul
is one of the most momentous in the soul’s spiritual career.”
~ Dom Hubert Van Zeller

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Of May Crowning, Corniness, and the 4-H Fair


All I think I ever asked of Mary was that she should take care of me.
~ Dorothy Day

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Saint TBA

Dorothy Day IIDorothy Day had much to say about holiness and sainthood. She strongly discouraged talk about her own sanctity, and was famous for saying, “Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed that easily.”

Yet Dorothy frequently stressed the requirement that every Christian live a holy life—that saintly living wasn’t reserved to the halo crowd, but was fundamental to the Faith. “All are called to be saints, not to do the extraordinary,” she wrote. “If sanctity depended on doing the extraordinary, there would be few saints.”

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