An Embarrassment of Rich(ard)s: My Quest for a Namesake

The patron saint provides a model of charity;
we are assured of his intercession (CCC 2156)

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For Dom, After the Rains

Back home by a safer way.

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Of Godchildren, Detox, and RCIA


How does sponsorship help the newcomer? It assures the newcomer that there is at least one person who understands the situation fully and cares – one person to turn to without embarrassment when doubts, questions, or problems…arise (AA).

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Of Eunuchs, Emmaus, and Holy Water Fonts

Holy-Water-Font-2“Do we believe in this? That baptism is enough — sufficient to evangelize?

“When we do this, the church becomes a mother church that bears children. But when we don’t do it, the church becomes not a mother but a baby sitter church, which takes care of the child to put him to sleep.”
~ Pope Francis

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