Who Knew? NPR is Pro-Life!

The history of every human being passes through the threshold of a woman’s motherhood.
~ Pope St. John Paul II (MD §19)

We live in a time when state legislatures and governors seek to enshrine into law infanticide and intrapartum abortion. Seriously, who could’ve predicted even just a half-dozen years ago that you’d be able to hear a state senator publicly defend a bill that would protect a woman’s right to have her baby terminated as it was being born? Or who would’ve imagined in his wildest nightmares that you could watch a state assembly burst into cheers after the passage of a similar law protecting late-term abortion? Or listen to a governor – a former pediatrician of all things – casually describe the comfort care provided to an infant born alive following a botched abortion as her parents consult with doctors as to what’s to be done with her?

These are terrifying developments, and beyond disturbing. But I’ve got good news! Working off a tip that I received from a covert anti-abortion insider, and after months of behind-the-scenes enquiries and dogged detective work, I can unequivocally confirm that National Public Radio – that bastion of liberal bias and taxpayer-funded promotion of left-of-center orthodoxy – is now firmly ensconced in the pro-life camp.

Finally, you can listen to Scott Simon and “All Things Considered” with a clear conscience!

“Yeah, right,” you’re no doubt mumbling to yourself. “NPR – pro-life? That’ll be the day.” But, seriously, it’s true – despite all appearances to the contrary. You’ll understand that, as a seasoned investigative reporter, I can’t betray the confidence of my deeply embedded NPR sources. Nor can I publish the top-secret documentation that those sources managed to pass along to me at great personal risk – at least not yet. However, I can provide you with some select passages from those internal NPR documents that clearly demonstrate a solid pro-life editorial bias.

  1. “[Name redacted] believed there was a future for her coming baby, whom she had named [redacted].” This statement is consistent with what every student of embryology takes for granted: A new human life comes into being at the moment of fertilization. Moreover, it’s consistent with St. John Paul II’s assertion that motherhood itself “involves a special communion with the mystery of life, as it develops in the woman’s womb” (MD §18). NPR reporters and guests might still use sterile (!) medical language (“fetus,” “embryo”) to cover up their real pro-life perspective, but the record shows that they know full well that pregnant women are pregnant with little humans.
  2. “[Name redacted] was born to make music. In utero, his parents decided he would play piano, ‘so they started finding piano sampler CDs and started to put them on my mom’s stomach and played music for me.’” Here’s a beautiful affirmation that babies in the womb are not only humans, but humans who are typically loved by their expectant moms and dads. Plus, those moms and dads, despite hardships and even agonizing circumstances, will also typically look forward to the arrival of those preborn children into the extra-uterine world, not to mention the unfolding of those children’s lives – and perhaps even a future in music! In other words, humans in the womb are already appreciated as persons, which, again, aligns with the teaching of Pope John Paul: “In the light of the ‘beginning,’ the mother accepts and loves as a person the child she is carrying in her womb” (MD §18).
  3. Moms – they’re not just the people you used to live inside of; they also want to help you.” Once again, NPR seems to echo John Paul II. “This unique contact with the new human being developing within her,” writes the Pope, “gives rise to an attitude towards human beings – not only towards her own child, but every human being – which profoundly marks the woman’s personality” (MD §18). Maternity, that is, extends well beyond the mere nine months of gestation to encompass the entire life of the child beyond birth, and it even predisposes mothers to adopt a default penchant for nurturing everyone.

Pretty convincing stuff, don’t you think? Now that NPR has evidently gone all out for protecting life in the womb, can the general public and our elected officials be far behind?

OK, OK, time to come clean. None of those quotations listed above are from secret NPR internal documents, and I didn’t do a smidgen of detective work. Instead, they’re all snatches of actual broadcasts that I just happened to hear on my car radio over the course of a single week in February. The first was from a story by Alison Kodjak on preventing premature births. The second, from Susan Stamberg’s timely interview with pianist Kris Bowers who was the unseen musical presence in this year’s Oscar-winning film Green Book. And the third, a laugh line from host Peter Sagal on NPR’s panel quiz show, “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

One could argue that those life-affirming quotations needn’t reflect the editorial bias of National Public Radio. True, but would NPR’s editors allow such leading and persuasive pro-life statements to appear on their broadcasts – regardless who said them – if they really were in denial about the humanity of the preborn? At some level, NPR must at least acknowledge the possibility that pregnant women carry babies in their wombs, so I’ve no doubt they’ll start providing more favorable coverage of pro-life activism and legislative initiatives soon. Otherwise, they’d be siding with today’s macabre pro-abortion extremism that seems to be blithely embracing infanticide, and that can’t possibly be the case.

Can it?

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Why We Need HB 1337: A Story

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Synchronicity can be so ironic. Take the confluence of two events in my life recently.

First, the other morning, my daughter Joan sent me word about an effort her friend organized to raise awareness about (and funds for) Sedem, a Ghanaian boy with Down syndrome who requires heart surgery – just like Joan’s little brother, Nick, who also has Down’s and who required heart surgery when he turned one.

Later that same afternoon, I got an email alert about House Bill 1337 which, among other things, promotes alternatives to abortion for kids like Sedem and Nick. Governor Pence supports the bill, and apparently he’s getting hassled about it from doctors and pro-choice advocates.

So, on the one hand we have college students advocating for the poor and most vulnerable, doing what they can to help those who are still marginalized in our world, even in this enlightened age. On the other hand, we have those who claim that some poor and vulnerable – kids with Down syndrome for example, kids like my Nicky – don’t deserve a chance at life. That the world is better off without them. That the easiest way to deal with their challenges is to deny them the light of day.

Ironic, don’t you think? And the contrast between the two groups is sad. So sad.

Those of us who love people with special needs – and who are loved by them – know that the group opposing HB 1337 is simply wrong. Governor Pence, stay strong. The bill makes sense, and you’re right to support it, no matter the political fallout.

A version of this letter originally appeared on the St. Joseph County Right to Life website. Governor Pence signed HB 1337 on March 24, 2016, and the law now states, “Indiana does not allow a fetus to be aborted solely because of the fetus’s race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, or diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down Syndrome or any other disability.”

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