Note to Amber: The Stuff of Nursing

And so we should see Christ in others, and nothing else, and love them. There can never be enough of it.
~ Dorothy Day

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St. John Ogilvie (1579-1615)

I fear death as much as you do your dinner.
~ St. John Ogilvie

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Blessed Tommaso da Olera (1563-1631)

Sometimes holy people are declared saints right after they die. And sometimes canonizations grind on and on…and on.

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Veterans Day 2018

The only sound at the gravesite was the uncontrolled sobbing of this boy’s father. As they never had before, my eyes filled with tears. That was the day I stopped doubting Dorothy. That was the day I became sure that she was right all along.
~ Dan Jackson

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Our Local Pro-Life Guardian Angel

See that you do not despise one of these little ones… (Mt 18.10).

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A Reading List for a Eucharistic Life

Does it matter? Grace is everywhere….
~ Georges Bernanos

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In Gratitude for a Fresh Glimpse at Dorothy Day

I didn’t become a Catholic because of Dorothy Day, but I don’t think I would’ve become a Catholic without her.

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Our Lady of Good Help

Go and fear nothing. I will help you.

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Divided by Birth Control? Naah.

Purity is the beginning of all passion.
~ G.K. Chesterton

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Divine Mercy Sunday on the 294

Another tentative journey to be continued.

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