The Chaos of Communion

0723_lost-sheep-2-630x437“Get rid of row by row Communion during Mass. Not much of a rant there, come to think of it.”
~ Fr. John Zuhlsdorf,  Wherein Fr. Z rants about Communion

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  1. I’ve never seen or heard of ushers assisting communicants row by row. We go row by row without any assistance, for decades, now –it came in handy for all the clustering (leaving some churches with the need to accommodate 850 folks), I grew up with altar rails, and I can’t imagine the carnage of 850 folks rushing the rails. It’s a pain but far less chaotic to just sit out Communion when one feels one should (I have sent my kids up without me at times). if anyone notices this occasional non-communicant, that’s fine–maybe I’ll think twice about what I did to stop me from going to receive His Body and Blood (or what stopped me from going for reconciliation!), and maybe others will see it’s okay to be your real self with Him even then. My own thoughts at other sitter-outers are simply to pray for them. They’re either a RC dinosaur like myself, or may not even be Catholic (yet).



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