To Moses Emmanuel, As You Are Baptized

MosesRescued_FromTheNileFor you, of course, it’s your second birthday—the day you’re born again and marked with the sign of a new spiritual life, the life of Jesus. You belonged to Him before, but now you belong
to Him in a very particular way. In fact, you now have His own life inside you, and He will always be with you. I hope you get to know Jesus very well.

It’s a special day for me, too, because I have the honor of being your godfather. This is no small thing, to be a godfather. It’s hard enough to be a human father, and I’m still learning to do that. Your own dad will tell you it’s difficult, and you never quite know if you’re getting it right—but that’s OK, and we love getting up and trying to get it right every day.

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